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October 16, 2010 / uglabs

We’ve got a website!

Hey guys, we’ve moved. Check out our new domain, We plan on blogging more often since we have an official site. We’ve held off on blogging for the last few months in anticipation of the new site, but it never seemed to be a reality until just a few weeks ago. Hope you like it!

Profusion Dev Team

June 29, 2010 / uglabs

Spin the World Progress Report

What is happening in a few days is that David is going to give his speech! If you don’t know about that, then you will in a few days when we post on how it went.

So for the speech we wanted to have a few things integrated. Namely music. So I have been busy all week trying to get the music integrated into the game to where we wanted it. It wasn’t easy at all. First we had to loop the sound to a point where we wanted. Our two tracks we have selected are around 1 minute long and each is about 400kb. That, in my opinion is a bit too much, but I figure its a demo, might as well keep it.

Anyways, the next problem was that Flash HATES mp3s. It seems to have terrible support for them. I was getting an error where the sound just stopped after playing a little bit and I finally figured that out. After two days… It wasn’t the code library I was using (skyboy’s SoundManager), but it was Flash itself. Flash has a hard time encoding certain mp3’s into the .swf. The one type of mp3 bitrate setting I used wasn’t good enough for it.

So what I had to do was change the bitrate from variable (always fails) to constant. This solved my problem. I was disappointed that it couldn’t have been in the Adobe Livedocs. Or at least in an easier spot if it is there. I sure didn’t see it. So now we got the sound integrated just fine. Now along with looking great it sounds great.

In addition, we have made the decision to cut production time by dropping the planned ideas for Saved Games. Its good in a way because then we don’t have to worry about it, but its bad that we are starting to think that players may not return.

June 14, 2010 / uglabs

Publicity: How To Get It And What It Does For You

So I’m only talking about what I’ve seen and what I’ve actually experienced in the short time that we’ve actually run this team/blog/flash production. So if you have anything to add or state that you think its wrong, please do.

What is Publicity?

Publicity is “the deliberate attempt to manage the public’s perception of a subject.” ( It is also the “deliberate attempt to manage the public’s perception of a subject.” ( Since they seem to have the exact same information, that leads to the conclusion that they are either completely agreed on the same definition or someone just copied. But hey, lets be nice and assume they are right.

What does Publicity do for you?

It gets you attention. It gets you views. It gets you imprinted in the brains of dozens to thousands of people. Is that good? Well, if you want to make money then for sure its good. Taking a look at, you can easily establish a great base for publicity. User profiles that you can almost completely customize, friends, fans, forums, etc. Its the right place to start making this happening. And when you do get Publicity, has the user base that is active and loyal, and something you can work with easily. Not to mention that by making a base here for it, you can get a pretty steady flow of cash coming in.

Publicity and Contacts

Something that is very useful, as proven by our experience is contacts! You’ve got to know some fellow developers that can get some publicity for you. David knows RobotJAM. What did that do for us? So far its just given us an awesome source of encouragement in the beginning and helped the project get rolling. Using and their chat, I’ve come to know some more active developers such as xDragonx10, Benologist, Rocketman, LongAnimals, robchester, and more. They can give you an unlimited amount of knowledge on how to succeed in getting publicity, since they have the experience and have done it themselves.

Publicity and Blogs

Another great experiment of ours was this blog. I’ve seen tons of other developers have blogs and so we decided to get one too. Its really helped, since we’ve gotten over 1,000 views so far. I’m betting that has established a few, regular fans of ours. Its still better than none. With our blog, we can post useful information and attract more attention to interested views, or newer people.

Something else that has come to my attention is that a simple blog like ours, posting on the progress of games is not nearly as effective and as attracting as something with useful knowledge, like the info post. When I saw xDragonx’s Blog, it really struck me as the true way to make a blog that people will actually want to visit and learn from. Its surely gotten attention faster than ours.

Publicity and Users

This is where you really need to pay attention. This is the factor that might make you or break you. If you have made plenty of games and never interacted with users, then all you’ve got is a user fan base of people who can’t wait for your next game or just simply think you are a great developer.

Why not extend that? If you interact with your fan base then you can actually become more than just a good developer. You can become friends with your fans and that is the key that leads to loyalty. As mentioned earlier, Kongregate is a great way to do it.

Don’t believe me? Lets take a look at the developers of GemCraft. WOW! They made a great game. But who are they? I don’t know. I’ve never heard of them much, despite the mention of them with the game, and only then when their fans have looked at the developer name, or when other developers talk about them. Luckily in this case they have the powerful force of an extremely good game to make up for the lack of contact. Now what if they had made friends with their fan base. I’m sure that they would have had tons more publicity than they do now.

Publicity and Money

Yes, we all know that more views is more money. That extra publicity IS going to make that difference. Want some proof that its really going to make the difference? Spend the next 45 minutes watching this conference. You can see how the publicity, made by their PR company and by Apple has made him tons more than he could have ever done by himself. However, in this example, he didn’t need to contact anyone or do anything to get Apple’s attention besides making a great game. But he did spend money on his PR company and it really made the difference.



June 6, 2010 / braydenblack

The answer to the universe.

As we all (should) know, the answer to the universe is 42. I Know you may be wondering why this is so, does it advance in research of our universe. One answer is 6×7 which is 42, the other is that it means absolutely nothing and someone is trying to make us think this is true. Now that were done with that Lets talk about zzZleeper which is about 47.6% into development, there is still 2 mini games to complete, 6 more levels and half of the achievements and a few more enemies to program. With that said we now have 19 days to make a considerable demo for David’s speech thing. We are going to have 1 more mini game complete, most of the achievements done and up to 6 levels completed, with another boss programmed. We are really excited to finally be able to present a carbon copy of the real game at hand to some pretty important people. Another demo will be posted soon, Thanks for all thanks for all the support.

Cheers, Brayden.

May 31, 2010 / uglabs

New Blog Theme!

We decided to change things up and give ourselves a new blog theme? Like it? We sure do. Be read to expect a blog design change every so often! And always for the better.

May 30, 2010 / uglabs

Revenue Breakdown – xDragonx

Never thought I would ever be linking to other blogs, but this is a must see.

xDragonx, the developer of a whole ton of games, like Cell Warefare, Penguin Massacre, Medieval Rampage and more, has just got his blog. On it, he has posted almost a complete breakdown of where he got is money. He has earned over $45,000 in a single year just from making flash games. While I know this isn’t very common to be doing such a thing, its great to see what he did right and attempt to emulate it.

You can visit his blog here: All of his posts are great reads.



May 21, 2010 / uglabs

Sponsors on

I recently just uploaded a game to, which was approved on Monday for sponsor bidding. It scored an average editors rating, nothing special, but decided I would try for a sponsorship anyways. Which game you ask? Well, I’ve never talked about it on the blog, but its called Achromatic. So within a week or so, here is a sample of some of the sponsors that have viewed it. Looks can be quite deceiving.

So what do we need to look at? A few things. We need to check out returning visitors and the amount of time they spent on the game. Read more…